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Sierra Homes was founded in 1983 by Tim Eagan. Originally named “Tim Eagan Construction” serving the central California market, our initial  projects included several commercial and condo buildings. Based on the quality of our product and our customer service, we grew quickly. Our customers soon wanted the same specific attention given to their homes, and we began to provide design and construction services to the custom home market. Whether we are providing full-service design/build homes, remodeling existing homes or developing business or commercial properties, the same care is taken with every customer and every project.

Since 1983, we have developed a business philosophy that may be a little different than you have come to expect from a construction company. Of course we want (and have) a fine reputation for producing quality structures and seamless remodeling. But equally important to us is having the whole process - beginning to end - be a positive, exciting and fulfilling experience for all of us. After all, you are planning around a goal, a life-style, a business plan, or a dream. Yes, building projects are about the end result: a beautiful and functional structure. But they should also be about a smooth progression of work, open and frequent communication, and a professionalism that can make the whole building process actually enjoyable. We want you to experience the excitement and anticipation of watching your project come together, along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing our most prized possession is our reputation for honesty, integrity and customer care.

It is an unfortunate fact that customer service has become a casualty of our fast-paced society. We don’t think efficiency and customer service are mutually exclusive. Imagine re-living, every day, the satisfaction you felt when you moved into your completed project. That’s why we provide whatever product you desire, in a way you have every right to expect.


“Tim… provided great value for his workmanship. He made himself available in the evenings… and responded immediately when called in to do touch-up work. I would recommend Tim highly.”

- James G. Hunt D.D.S.
                  Amherst Ma.

“Your very strong personal integrity created a basic trust… I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship… and with your willingness to solve problems in a way which was responsive to the desire of the owner and still remained cost effective. Finally, you stood behind your work fully…”

-David R. Evans
          Amherst Ma.

“What we have experienced with you over the past year getting this project done was nothing short of a dream. Bernie and I were astounded with how patient you were with every detail, and how hard you worked to "get it right" and to help us to save money and come in on budget was a real surprise to us. This effort conveyed to us true honesty and integrity on your part.”

-Lee & Bernie Henke
        Sterling Va.

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