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     Successful construction planning is achieved through collaboration with design professionals.  We start with a review that takes you through the fundamental steps of the project. We establish a general outline, discuss financial planning and review the overall budget. Then we will spend time at the building site with you to determine how it will influence the structural design of your project, and how best to integrate that design into the existing property. If you don't have a site yet, we can help you find one that best suits the home or building layout you prefer. We work closely with architects and other design professionals as needed to create a project that matches or exceeds your expectations.

     Sierra Design provides a full range of services for project planning and/or project management. These include financial planning, civil engineering and architectural design for new homes, remodels, commercial and multi-family projects. Since we perform these services specifically for you, your needs drive the project. Whether it is future workflow in a commercial space, the proper home design on each lot in a subdivision, or adjusting sight and sun lines for your custom home's interior, we will help you get the design you need.
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